Welcome To "The Dino Experience " presented by Storybook Party Co. An immersive experience designed to Educate,Entertain & Inspire the future Paleontologists of the world ! 

Let your imagination run wild with our Jurassic Experience featuring our very own real life baby dinosaur (well she might be a puppet but we promise she totally looks real ! ) As seen in International Theme Parks Such As Universal Studios !
Whether it be a Children's Birthday Party,Preschool / Daycare Educational Appearance, Corporate Event Or Even a Product Launch. We can make it unforgettable with an exclusive experience like no other !

We service The Central Coast , Lake Macquarie & Newcastle of NSW Australia

Meet Trixie Triceratops ! 

Trixie is the "Star Of Our Show" ! She is a 9 month old baby Triceratops who just loves to interact with both the young & old alike !

Trixie was custom designed overseas by a team of Dinosaur Design Specialists (What a cool job!) . She is made to look , feel and even sound exactly like an real life baby triceratops ! Trixie absolutely loves to make new friends and to educate all about herself and the era she lived in !