Swimming Mermaid Parties

We’ve partnered with All Coast Swim Stars to bring the Real life SWIMMING MERMAID PARTIES on the Central Coast !! We have our two professional trained mermaids , Mermaid Norah & Mermaid Shelly ! All in a safe swim environment ! Stay tuned for more details !!

- Swim Safe Environment with CPR certified Lifeguard present
- Tail custom fitted by the worlds leading manufacturer in  all things mermaid !
- Trained Mermaid Performers - Our mermaids aren't just character performers but have studied all aspects of mermaiding especially safety ! 
- Education Aspect incorporated  into our performance - Staying safe around the pool & Take 3 for the sea ! 

*Disclaimer: It is not our intention to violate any copyright, trademark or licensing laws.
​Our characters are not name brand copyrighted characters and are found from public domain stories.